Day 1 of The 28 Day Meditation Challenge

Meditation is the one simple thing we can do to support physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Simple, but not easy, as they say. Why is that? All we are asked to do is sit quietly for a period of time. While it doesn't seem hard, it can be challenging to "do nothing" amid the myriad of responsibilities and distractions that go with everyday life. That is why meditation is called a practice. We work at it everyday not to get better at meditating, but to bring us benefits of health, wellness, spiritual connection and calm. If you decide to accept the challenge, it just might change your life. This is first part in a 28 day series to inspire and support your meditation practice. 

Even in the midst of disturbance, the stillness of the mind can offer sanctuary. - Stephen Richards 

I had a friend who was an avid meditator for years. Knowing her, you could tell there was something different about her. Her life wasn't unique, full of ups and downs like the rest of us, yet she was peaceful, and calm. Meditation. She wasn't numb, or unaware, she was simply calm in the face of disturbances. Wouldn't that, in itself, be enough to entice you to give meditation a shot?

I invite you to commit to 28 days of 20 quiet minutes per day. Start when ever you like. Simply sit, close your eyes; no music, no talking, no phones and no interruptions. Just breathe. You can do this!!

You might want to start a meditation notebook. When you finish meditating take a moment to jot down the date, and your brief impressions. It was hard, easy, uncomfortable, amazing, long, short, pleasant or excruciating. Make any other comments you like, but please don't turn this into a time consuming chore. Keep it light and easy.

I will be posting additional thoughts and encouragement every day. I welcome your questions and feedback as you go along. Please email me at

Good luck! Let's do this!


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